Sunday, April 19, 2015

Open House Sunday

  A french influenced house in Highland Park neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. 
built in 1936
Houses are always at their best at dusk.
The glow of the lights from inside really add to the ambiance of this home.
The listing states that it was built in 1936 but it's obviously gone through many structural and cosmetic changes through the years.
This home is really decorated up and I think what makes this home interesting is that you can see 
so many decorating trends at work...I'll name them.
Such a cute front stoop. Let's start the trends here...
Colorful Painted front door.
Chalkboard Sign

 Now that we are in the living can really see the french influence.
trending - greige
 more greige
 cloches - orchids
 chandeliers abound in this home 
trend alert - plates on the wall
 Some may say that a white kitchen is a trend but to's just classic.
 a little industrial design in the room in the barstools
 white bedding
 orchids and that ballroom chair
 chalkboard wall
 patchwork wallpaper and a zebra rug
 starburst mirror and a white bear rug

I'm very surprised to see a television mounted to a tree in the backyard. 
Are these outdoor tv's THAT water proof?
 See the full listing here

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wicker Table

My Latest Craigslist Find
I came across this table the other day on Craigslist.
(all these photos are from the listing)
Actually, I saw it a couple of weeks ago and kept going back and looking at it.
 I wasn't sure I needed it ...but it spoke to me. 
And since it hadn't sold I guess it was not speaking to anyone else.
Seems it was meant for me.
 So Tuesday night I emailed the seller and went and picked it up after work last night.
Thanks! Barbara!
I always meet the nicest people when out and about and Barbara was one of the nicest. 
I ended up coming home with another wicker item too. 
(I have no idea what I'll do with it but it was too cute to leave) photo to come
I think this table going in the living room by the front door. 
That is the intention...we'll see how it works out.
But I've always liked tables like this and it is in a color I love.
 I still have not repainted my last Craigslist find although it looks better than this.
I've got a nice cushion and pillows on it. I'll show after I buy some ferns for the front porch.
 I also bought another area rug for the front porch.
This one bit the dust. But I bought another just like it...soon my front porch will be dressed for spring.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Succulents for Spring

I'm crazy for succulents, aren't you?
And unlike other years I'm finding lots of them at the garden centers to purchase.
These are just a few I've pinned in my Succulent board on Pinterest.

I haven't done them in years past outside but I'm seriously considering this year.
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