Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Indian Summer

 Sorry, Mod Mix Monday didn't happen this week. I'll just do it next week.
Too much going on with starting the new job. 
Which is going really well. 
I'm spending this week just getting to know all the lines of furniture.
Last night when I came home I came around to the back deck and the geraniums, though it is October 22, looked the best they've looked all year.
I couldn't resist taking a few photos.
 Silly Sally running around the deck. 
My deck needs to be cleaned and refinished so badly.
That's a project for next year!
I've been saying that for several years.
 Coleuses went nuts. I think you are suppose to keep them from blooming 
but the bees love the blooms so I just let them bloom.
 Harvey and Sally
 My wall fountain looked better earlier in the season. 
But it's still blooming like crazy.
 I was going to replace these geraniums with pansies the other day but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. 
They are super healthy. So I'll wait till after it's really cold to put out some pansies.

 Sweet potato vine shows no signs of slowing down. 
One day I'll come out and it will be all dark and withered when it gets cold.
 I tried to get some good photos of Franklin but he was busy hunting squirrels.
 Here you can see how long his fur has gotten. 
He's got a very beautiful coat and it's very very soft.
That's a show worthy stance.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Open House Sunday

 This pretty Atlanta home was renovated by Mike Hammersmith Inc.
These photos were taken on a brisk fall day.

See more of this house here.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Container Garden

For Shannon
Remember the giant pot I was carrying around in the back of the car for two months?
Mom and I finally got it out and I finally got it all fixed up for Fall.
 It's got lovely details to it. Of course it does because my sweet friend Shannon chose it for her house.
 Now that she is gone...I will think of her every time I look at it and find joy in planting
pretty things in it just like she used to.
She did love to garden.
 My mum still hasn't opened up much. I know you are suppose to buy the ones
that have not opened yet but this is ridiculous. I've had it for two weeks
and it's just now starting to open. At this rate it won't bloom before it gets too cold.
Well, maybe not, it doesn't usually get cold till around Thanksgiving here.
I'll take more photos when it blooms more.
 The trellis I already's been all around this yard...
first in front and then in back and now here. 
 I might plant a small tree in it next year but this will do for now.
 See? Not many buds opened. I planted lots of pansies but just a few have blooms.
 That's my neighbor's yard in the distance. It's their side yard and they never
do anything to it. It's full of weeds and really over grown. 
I need to get over there and clean it up. 
I ignore my other side yard too, pretty much but it just has monkey grass in it and mulch.
But it wouldn't have that except my old neighbor's planted it! 
I miss those neighbors. They were the best. 
I've got great neighbors now too...they just don't plant stuff for me.
 I know this is a lot of photos of a pot.
It has a nice patina.
I added orange lights and grape vine.
I love how it looks at night.
 I know my little rabbit likes it.
Oh..yes he does! 
I picked him up last spring at Walmart of all places.
They had a few nice outdoor yard ornaments this last year.
Including a nice dachshund which I would have bought but it was painted a terrible brown color.
I like my statuary plain concrete color, thank you.

Speaking of which my friend Deidra is moving and she has two big concrete planters similar to 
the one above she is gifting me. Not as large as that one but a nice size to compliment it.
Only thing is...she painted the flowers on them with acrylic paint.
I told her not to but she did a couple of years ago and threatens to come over here 
and paint the flowers on this one and the fruit in my urns on the pedestals.
I told her I'd kill her if she did.
She knows not to but I'm wondering if I will be able to get the paint off the ones she already painted.
I'll try scrubbing them first. 

Starting new job tomorrow. I passed the drug test. 

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